194th Wing

The Washington Air National Guard's 194th Wing is headquartered at Camp Murray and consists of more than 1,000 citizen-airmen. Their mission sets involve both kinetic and non-kinetic operations and include sensitive missions that reside in the cyber domain. The 194th's cutting edge capabilities are well-suited to the threats our nation faces in the 21st Century.

Officially formed in 2006, the 194th Wing was the Air National Guard's first-ever non-flying operational wing and it is currently the Guard's newest wing. The Wing provides a diverse array of transformational capabilities that are critical to fighting and winning in overseas contingency operations around the world, and has a multitude of elite and distinctive career options. As Washington Air National Guardsmen, we are citizen-Airmen who have the unique opportunity to both defend our freedom overseas and to provide safety and security in any emergency that may arise back home.

194th Wing Chain of Command:

Commander - Colonel Ken Borchers
Vice Commander - Colonel Larry Hager
Senior Enlisted Leader - Chief Master Sergeant Allen Lawson

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