Application for State Guard

Instructions for Required Application Documents

  1. Application (page 1) (page 2). Fill in completely, sign, and date.
    • If necessary additional sheets may be attached but be sure to include your full name at the top of each sheet.
  2. Privacy Act (This form must be signed and dated.)
  3. Copies of any DD Form 214, NGB Form 22 or other Military official documents reflecting all prior service and retirement or release from active service.
  4. Photographs.
    • Two current photographs, color or black and white, showing full frontal and full 45 degrees. Label the back of each photo with your name and date.
  5. Police Record Check (DD Form 369) (This form must be signed and dated.)
  6. Medical Status (These forms must be completed, signed and dated.)
  7. Report of Medical History (Standard Form 93)
  8. Report of Medical Examination (Standard Form 88)
  9. The following must be submitted only if applicable:
    • Naturalization
      • If a naturalized citizen, attach a certified copy of naturalization papers.
    • Waiver
      • For specially qualified applicants a waiver for age, medical or prior service may be granted. A memorandum requesting such waiver is to be submitted by the sponsoring unit stating the waiver requested and specific statements supporting the request.
  10. In addition to the above, the following are needed to assist the Appointment Board in the selection process:
    • Copies of military qualifications, awards and school certificates or diplomas.
    • Copies of college diplomas, civilian awards, special school certificates.

The completed application packet is to be submitted to:

Washington State Guard
Camp Murray, WA 98430-5002