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Washington Youth Academy Staff (360) 473-2600

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Mailing Address

Cadet’s Name
(Cadet First/Last Name)
Platoon #
Washington Youth Academy
1207 Carver Street
Bremerton, WA 98312

School Fax Numbers

General Fax Number: (360) 473-2623

Academic Fax Number: (360) 473-2650

Medical Fax Number: (360) 377-6039

Outreach, Admissions & Logistics

Elizabeth BergmannRecruiting and Admissions Specialist(360) 473-2615
Kelly IngallsRecruiting and Admissions Specialist

(360) 473-2617

Sue KitchelRecruiting, Placement and Mentoring Coordinator

(360) 473-2611

Tari Pierce Recruiting, Placement and Mentoring Team Leader(360) 473-2614
Martha Dixon
1st PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2618
Jennifer Bronaugh1st PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2619
Terese Carroll 2nd PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2616
Zachary Elliott2nd PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2620
Ashley Borka 3rd PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2423
Spenser Parsley3rd PLT Case Manager(360) 473-2629


Christopher Acuña Commandant

(360) 473-2632

Patrick CruzPrograms Officer360) 473-2637
Darrell Stoops1st PLT Supervisor(360) 473-2641
Steve Wood2nd PLT Supervisor(360) 473-2637
Ayesha Willis
3rd PLT Supervisor(360) 473-2627

Guidance Counselors

Jennifer MillerLead Guidance Counselor(360) 473-2630