How To Apply

We recommend completing your application now, so that you can be prepared and considered for admission to any upcoming class. When completing the electronic applications, please don't use your phone. We've seen issues with those using their phone.

STEP 1. Eligible to Apply? If you answer, “Yes” to all the questions below. YOU ARE ELIGIBLE!

  • Volunteer for the program.
  • 16-18 years old (must be 16 by the first day and cannot turn 19 before the start of the program).
  • High school dropout or at risk of dropping out due to credit deficiency.
  • A resident of Washington State and a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Unemployed or underemployed.
  • Free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings. Diversions completed. Probation is ok.
  • Willing to be free from use of illegal drugs or substances while enrolled in the program.
  • Physically and mentally capable to participate in the Program with reasonable accommodation for physical and other disabilities.


CHOOSE 1 - Electronic Application or Paper-based Application.

Complete an Electronic Application

The electronic application will not work with the online version of Adobe Reader. You must download the desktop version at this address

  1. Download the user guide (highly recommended).
  2. Download the Electronic Student Application. (Please don't use your phone to fill this out. This can be completed and submitted electronically.)
  3. Download the Medical Application. (Please don't use your phone to fill this out. This is partially fillable. Complete print and take to the doctor and the dentist. All pages must be signed by applicant and parent/guardian.)
  4. Download the Mentor Application. (Please don't use your phone to fill this out. This is partially fillable.) You can direct your mentor to this application or the Mentoring section of the website. You can also download, print it and hand it to your mentor to complete and return to the WYA Admissions office.
  5. Download the Release of Information document. Print and complete. Both the student and the parent must sign the form. Submit. (See Step 4 for Submission information)

Complete Paper-based Application – The Application must be printed and completed by hand. Mail, email or fax the application. (See Step 4 for Submission information.)

Download the paper-based Application here

STEP 3. Locate and submit COPIES ONLY for the following items (See Step 4 for Submission.)

  • Social Security Card.
  • Proof of U.S. Legal Residency – Birth Certificate, US Passport or other proof of residency.
  • Picture ID Card – Washington ID card (from the DMV); School ID card or Military ID card
  • High School Transcript.
  • High School Graduation Credit Requirements & Credit Evaluation (completed by your school counselor).
  • IEP with 3-year evaluation or 504 plan, if applicable. Obtained from your school.
  • Student Background Check -
    Name and Date of Birth - $11
  • Medical Insurance Cards – front and back

STEP 4. Submission – Submitting paper-based application, medical application, legal documents and mentor application. We recommend applications be emailed or faxed to the Academy at this time.

STEP 5. Mandatory On-Site Assessment Day:

Only completed applications will be submitted to an admissions panel for consideration. If you meet the eligibility requirements and the admission panel agrees you are a good candidate for the program – you and your parent/guardian(s) will be invited to attend a one-day mandatory, On-Site Assessment day (OSA).This will take place one week prior to the start of each class cycle. OSA is a full day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What happens at a WYA On-Site Assessment Day? Students take academic tests, interview with staff members, participate in a “Cadet Life” experience, sized for uniforms and boots, perform team building exercises and learn about the post-residential phase of the WYA. Parents will attend an academic, medical and mentor brief, receive a parenting handbook and complete admission paperwork.

Contact Admission Specialists

For those North of I-90, as well as in Kitsap and Mason contact:

Elizabeth Bergmann
(360) 473-2615
Toll Free: (877) 228-8947

For those South of I-90 or in Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Clallam, Thurston and Pierce counties contact:

Kelly Ingalls
(360) 473-2617
Toll Free: (877) 228-8947