All-Hazard Training

The Washington Military Department is committed to its goal of minimizing the impact of disasters on our communities, property, economy and environment in Washington state. That means leading a comprehensive Training program to ensure our first responders, emergency managers, government leaders, non-governmental partners, and private citizens have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform key tasks when disasters strike. The Washington State Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) (PDF) provides a roadmap to accomplish this goal.


In-State Training Calendar

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  • Washington EMD Personnel Only: To access your existing account or to create a personal account, please click this link.  All others: Once you click 'Apply' for a course from the calendar, choose the option that reads, 'Register Without an Account.' An account is not required for course registration unless you are a staff member of Washington EMD.

Online and Out-of-State Resident Training

Training Resources

Training Resources

State Training Program Policies and Procedures

The State Training Program Document includes the Training Program goals and objectives, and associated activities; overview of program components; and details on:

  • The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Staff Training and Exercise Program
  • Consortium and Emergency Management Institute (EMI) courses; how to apply
  • Professional and Specialized EMI Programs
  • Tribal Emergency Management courses
  • Student conduct, attendance, and registration withdrawals

How to Request Course Delivery

Emergency Managers can request local-delivery of State and National Preparedness courses by completing a Course Request Form and submitting it to

The State Training Program fills these requests on a needs basis, dependent on available resources. Emergency Managers should attend the annual Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop (IPPW, Formerly TEPW) to coordinate courses requests with neighboring jurisdictions and the State Training Program.

Washington State Instructor Program

Section 6 in the State Training Program Document (accessible above)  provides the guidance to local jurisdictions and other emergency management stakeholders in the selection of qualified instructors to deliver preparedness training across the state. This guidance includes:

  • Types of instructors
  • Requirements to become an instructor
  • Instructor conduct
  • Requesting state instructor certification
  • Course management and conduct
  • Course close-out

Contact Information

State Training Officer (STO)
Patrick Niles

State Training Program Manager

Alex Joyce

Emergency Management Training Program
General Inbox |
Training Phone Number | (253) 512-7021

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