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WebEOC® is software designed to bring real-time crisis information management to the Washington State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as well as to other local, state and federal EOCs.

Web-based technology developed by Emergency Services integrators, Incorporated (ESi), puts integrated crisis information management within reach of most emergency management agencies. Using a minimal investment in equipment, hardware and software even small jurisdictions will be able to take advantage of this technology and to harness the power of the Internet.

The result is secure, real-time access to details of operations in the local jurisdiction, neighboring jurisdictions, including regional, state and national data vital to the efficient management of any contingency (e.g., weather trends, satellite images, mapping information, and local, regional or national resource status).

A technologically advanced product, WebEOC features ease-of-use: unlimited user access, extensive customer tools, easy customization, and low acquisition and on-going maintenance costs.

To Join the Northwest Regional WebEOC User’s Group, NWRWUG send an email to debbie.bostwick@mil.wa.gov to keep up with the latest developments and news from the vendor, Juvare and other WebEOC users in the Northwest. The NWRWUG is intended for WebEOC administrators and Emergency Management personnel. This service will further enhance your ability to use WebEOC to its fullest potential. You will be able to keep up with the latest developments and news from Juvari, as well as other WebEOC users in the NW Region. Additionally, you will be notified about WebEOC Training and Workshops.

Download the new WebEOC Version 9 Procedures (PDF)

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For Washington State WebEOC Access, please contact:
Debbie Bostwick

WebEOC Program Manager

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