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Resources and information for current state employees of the Washington Military Department

Agency Policies / Collective Bargaining Agreements / WACS 

New State Employee Website 

Website: https://mil.wa.gov/NEO

NEO Dates (For informational purposes) – Employees will be scheduled in first date after hire:

March 12, 2024
April 9, 2024
May 7, 2024
June 4, 2024
July 16, 2024
Au g.13, 2024
Sept.10, 2024
Oct. 8, 2024
Nov. 5, 2024
Dec. 3, 2024

Download the WA Military Department App 

Download the Military Department Mobile Application (Search for "Washington Military Department" in your App Store or click the buttons below)

      A button shows the Apple icon and says download on the app store
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      My Portal / Leave / Schedule Change 

      Vacation Leave is done though MyPortal for employees that have access to it. If you are not familiar with MyPortal, it is a state portal for viewing your earnings statements, changing your addresses, adding emergency contacts, etc. These guides will help:

      Schedule Change

      Access MyPortal

      • For Internal (state network)
        • Upon initial log on, you will need to select Active Directory. Once selected, you will automatically be logged on to MyPortal using single sign on for all future logons.
        • If you are logging on outside the State Government Network, you will be prompted to enter your agency’s logon credentials after you have selected Active Directory or your ADFS account. For example, this may be your state issued email and network password.
      • For External Networks (At home. No VPN)
        • Upon initial log on, select the Forgot Password option in order to generate a logon password. Instructions for resetting your password are included in the email that will be sent upon reset.
        • Once your password is reset, use your 8-digit Personnel Number and newly generated password to logon. Contact Payroll (253) 512-7709 or Human Resources (253) 512-7942 if you are unsure of your Personnel Number.
      Downloadable Forms

      Paper Leave Request
      (only for use by those that
      cannot use MyPortal System)

      Extended Leave Request Form (PDF)

      Family Medical Leave

      Family Medical Leave Policy (PDF)
      FMLA Poster
      FMLA: Forms | U.S. Department of Labor (dol.gov)

      WA Paid Family Medical Leave
      (Employment Security)


      Shared Leave

      Shared Leave Request Form (PDF)
      (WMD FORM 2054-22)

      Share Leave Medical Certificate
      (MIL FORM 2055-22)

      Shared Leave Request to Donate
      (WMD FORM 2021-11 )

      Extended Leave of Absence

      Extended Leave of Absence Request Form (PDF)
      (MIL FORM 574)

      Military Leave of Absence

      Military Leave of Absence (PDF)
      (MIL FORM 856)

      Request to Defer Vacation
      Leave Accruals

      Request to Extend Vacation Leave Accruals (PDF)
      (MIL FORM 2053-21)

      Verification of Employment 

      Washington Military Department state employees only. Employment/wage verifications, please scan/email requests to the following:
      MIL DL Finance Payroll MILDLFinancePayroll@mil.wa.gov

      Social security numbers and account numbers should NOT be included and please do not send a fax request.

      Reasonable Accommodations 

      WMD is committed to equal opportunity access to employment, facilities, programs and services. For questions or inquiries, please contact accommodations@mil.wa.gov. Employees may request a Reasonable Accommodation by completing the request form.

      Sexual Harassment and Workplace Environment Concerns 

      Jennifer Connely
      Military Department - State Human Resources Office
      Building 20B – Camp Murray
      (253) 512-7380

      Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Policy


      Employee Engagement Survey 

      Ethics Advisor 

      Jennifer Connely
      Human Resources – Safety & Risk
      Division Director
      (253) 512-7130 Office

      Washington State Executive Ethics Board

      Whistleblower Advisor 

      James Baumgart
      Intergovernmental Affairs & Policy Office
      Director & Whistleblower Designee
      (253) 512-7712

      Whistleblower Program information