Washington Military Department Environmental Programs

The Washington Military Department Environmental Programs Office supports the missions of the Washington Army and Air National Guard by protecting and enhancing the environment through education training, leadership and environmental stewardship.

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Dangerous Waste Management Plan-2022 (PDF)

Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan 2021-2025 (PDF)

Unified Washington Military Department and National Guard Policy No. 10-03 (PDF)

Stormwater Management Plan – Camp Murray (PDF)

Public Notices

Phase I Municipal (MS4) Stormwater Permit WAR044203 Annual Report – Camp Murray (PDF)

    Training Links

    Inadvertent Discovery of Cultural Resources or Human Remains (Video)

    Stormwater Pollution Prevention (PDF)

      Environmental Quality Control Committee

      Washington Military Department (WMD) Environmental Quality Control Committee (EQCC) Charter (PDF)

      WMD EQCC 4th quarter meeting minutes (PDF)

      Contact Information

      Washington State Military Department
      Environmental Program
      Bldg 36 Quartermaster Rd
      Camp Murray, WA 98430

      Email: ENV@MIL.WA.GOV 

      Office: (253) 512-1333

      Washington Air National Guard Environmental Programs

      Air National Guard Environmental Plans and Procedures (Notice: Requires CAC ID to Access)

      Washington Air National Guard

      (Western Washington)
      (253) 512-3205 or (253) 512-3218

      Washington Air National Guard

      (Eastern Washington)
      (509) 247-7370