WMD Rule Making Information

The Intergovernmental Affairs and Policy Office serves as the source of information for all WMD rules and the agency’s liaison with the Office of the Code Reviser.  

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Cynthia Whaley
Military Department Rules Coordinator
Building 1, Camp Murray, WA 98430
Phone: (253) 512-8110 fax: 253-512-8497
Email: Cynthia.Whaley@mil.wa.gov    

Existing WMD Laws and Rules

Steps in the rule-making process

The "Preproposal Statement of Inquiry" (also known as the CR-101 form) notifies the public that the WMD is considering the development of a new rule, amending an existing rule, or repealing an entire or sections of a rule. The CR-101 and all other "CR" notices are filed with the Code Reviser's Office and published in the Washington State Register.

The "Proposed Rule Making" (also known as the CR-102 form) is a formal notice to the public of what rule amendments WMD is currently proposing and how they can comment on them. The information includes a brief description of the rule; the WAC number; a copy of the proposed rule text; the date, time and location of the public hearing; a deadline and process to submit comments; and a Small Business Economic Impact Statement (SBEIS), if required.

The "Rule Making Order" (also known as the CR-103P form) adopts and makes effective the proposed rule text filed with the CR-102 form. Rules usually become effective 31 days after filing the CR-103P form.

Current WMD Rule Making Activity

CR-101 Proposal Statement of Inquiry
WAC Citation Description Filing Date WA Register Subject Matter Contact
118-04 WAC
Updating the rules to the emergency worker program
TBD Chris Long
(253) 512-7024,

118-40 WAC
Updating the rules to the hazardous chemical emergency response planning and community right-to-know reportingTBD
Stephen (Troy) Newman

118-30 WACUpdating the rules to the local
emergency management/services
organizations, plans and programs
TBDMichael Roberson
(253) 512-7065
CR-102 Proposed Rule Making
WAC Citation Description Filing Date WA Register Subject Matter Contact

CR-103P Rule-Making Order
WAC Citation Description Filing Date WA Register Subject Matter Contact

Semi-Annual Rule Making Agenda

Jan. 1, 2022 - July 1, 2022 (PDF)

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