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133d Army National Guard Band

What We Do:
The 133D Washington Army National Guard Band represents the incredible Service Members of the WA National Guard to the Great people of WA State. We perform concerts and participate in events across the state throughout the year with emphasis on a 2-week annual summer tour centered around the July 4th Independence Day celebration.

Who We Are:
The 133d Army Band is a diverse group of musicians and ensembles, which serve the community and represent the Service Men and Women of the Washington National Guard to audiences across the state. Members of the band range in age from their late teens to mid-fifties and represent a wide cross section of our community. With music educators and professional musicians, students and a range of other career professionals, the 133D Army Band is diverse in its professional composition. The Citizen-Soldier-musicians of the 133D are dedicated Service Members who possess a rare mix of both military and artistic abilities.

What it is Like to Serve in the 133D:

The 133d Army Band is located at Camp Murray, Washington. Typically, the band meets one weekend per month and performs a two-week concert tour across Washington State during the summer. There are additional opportunities for band members to perform if they choose. Those additional opportunities generally include community concerts, sporting events, National Guard ceremonies, state functions and other events and gatherings.

133D Mission Statement:

The 133D Washington Army National Guard Band supports the Governor’s vision and The Adjutant General’s strategic guidance. Primary support for these lines of effort is through regionally specific, culturally focused musical missions for military members and veterans of all services, government agencies, military families, recruiting support and community relations within WA State. Additionally, the 133D provides emergency mission support as directed and enhances international relations performing musical missions in support of the WA National Guard State Partnership Program.

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133rd Army National Guard Band Command Team

Commander - CW3 Scott Pierson

1st Sergeant - 1SG Richard Little

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