741st Ordnance Battalion

 Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialists are the military's experts in handling and disposing of explosive devices. They support Special Operations Forces, the US Secret Service, and various law enforcement agencies worldwide. EOD specialists are known for their high deployability and professional, high-performance culture, which provides unique experiences and entry into an elite group.

741st Ordnance Battalion Command Team

MAJ Aaron Mach


CSM Tim Burr

Command Sergeant Major

Units of the 741st Ordnance Battalion

  • 741st Explosive Ordnance Battalion
  • HHD, 741st Ordnance Company
  • 319th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Co.
  • 217th Ordnance Company – Californian Army National Guard
  • 363rd Ordnance Company – Arizona Army National Guard
  • 3665th Ordnance Company – Nevada Army National Guard

Interested in Joining?
If you're interested in joining this elite unit and wearing the coveted EOD Badge, consider the following:

EOD incentives:

Fast track to promotions
Additional Pay
Quarterly Drills
Full Time opportunities

No matter your current military status, you can request to try out for EOD, whether you are:
-Currently serving in any branch of the military
-Other USG organization
-Reserves (any branch)
-National Guard (any State)

There is a way for you to begin to earn the EOD badge. If you are currently serving in the department of Defense, then please see the minimum requirements below:

Minimum Requirements:

1. GT Score: Minimum GT score of 105 ASVAB (no Waivers).
2. Rank: Minimum E-3 to E-5 / 2LT to CPT
3. Clearance: Possess or able to obtain a Top-Secret Security Clearance.
4. Concurrence: Parent Unit concurrence to drill with 741st and 319th
5. Travel:
- Government Travel Card (Assisted by Parent Unit)
- Defense Travel System account (Assisted by Parent Unit)

Physical Requirements:
1. IAW Army ACFT, with a minimum score of 360 or 60 points in each event, minimum of 80% in each event
2. Ability to wear a Bomb Suit for a minimum of 30 minutes
3. Ability to carry a 155mm Artillery Round (75lbs) up to 100m
4. Endurance Run: No less than 5 miles at an 8-minute mile pace

If you are a current civilian (non-prior service) then you may request an 89D contract to join the Army specifically to enter the Explosive Ordnance Disposal pipeline. If interested, send an inquiry with the email below (Please do not reply all). Please provide: your contact information, current civilian and/or military status, and your desire to either earn the EOD badge or work in another capacity as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) support.