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Joint Service Support wins team award

The Washington National Guard Joint Services Support Program was honored with a teamwork award recently.

Washington State’s Outstanding Service to Veterans Awards recognize individuals who devote time and energy to improving the lives of Washington's veterans.

The awards - co-sponsored each year by the Governor's Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee and the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs - are presented at a special luncheon in Auburn, following the awardees participation in the City’s annual Veterans Day Parade.  Among the recipients were the personnel of the Washington National Guard Joint Services Support Program.

The Washington National Guard Joint Service Support Program assists members of all reserve components in Washington State. They offer short term as well as long-term financial assistance to members of the National Guard and Reserve. For fiscal year 2014, they assisted a total of 1,037 service members with direct financial assistance totaling more than $363,000.. For 2014, they assisted 369 members with their employment needs. This group volunteered a total of 14,239 hours for Family Program events. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of the members of National Guard and Reserves.

More information at this external website.